Monday, March 15, 2010

With just one breath ('Satu Lafaz') Shahrin managed to sqeeze wife's name(s) during the Nikah ceremony on 12th March 2010.

A much more relaxed night tonight and everyone look fresh and well rested and happy (especially with a secret dinner menu that wowed the guests into a great appetite). The Karaoke was there from the beginning of Ambil-Ambilan but guests and even the newly weds only realised the 'Magic Mic' and 'Easy Catalog' made singing really fun whilst everyone joined in.
I have never seen so many people wanting to take photos with the bride and groom on the stage on this day. I had a crew of shutter bugs to capture the moment from the start, but they said they felt it when family, friends, colleagues, and everyone else were eager to share the limelight. An AV crew had to add a place of camera controls firing away stage way because it was so busy ( while I directed all the shots and angles as much as I can)
The exterior landscape of IGS College Brunei is very convenient for the groom's arrival and well shaded with an over head entrance roof. Here we see the procession begin with 'Pusing Naga' ( Dragon's Twirl ).
Presentation of the a Pelamin was well prepared with a 50 foot runway sidelined with decorative flower posts.
To avoid any hassles or mishaps we came as early as a full day ahead to set up another P.A.System right beside the stage (pelamin) adjacent to washroom doors, and had two guys in charge to help out with the volume to be controlled by 'Tausyeh'. ON D-Day, the hall was still empty at 10:25am and we had enough time to get ready with any last minute adjustments until 11:15 to 11:45am the guests kept flowing in and Hallow Buffet Seats become seamingly full. A reserve accomodation was made within a galzed enclosure ( the room with a theatre stage) which started empty but was filled up right to every chair just before the arrival of the groom and family.

In attendance on behalf of Bride's mother (Dyg Hajjah Habibah binti Haji Mohd.Hussain-far left in pink) were close relatives and relations from Singapore and old frends of the family.

A Khatam Al Qur'an session was held right after Friday Prayers at No:578 Kebangsaan Lama just prior to the main event which is the Akad Nikah and Berian (held sometime between 2:30-5:00pm). With a single breathe, the groom, Awg.Mohd. Shahrin Bin Abdullah, declared his 'Lafaz' with ease and comfort. Everything went on time and guests were ushered to have afternoon refreshments at the tents outside. Photo taking kept us busy throughout the entire afternoon as friends and family are eager to congratulate the newly weds or officially married couple.


the said...
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the said...

magic sing magic mic is really an awesome electronic gadget... it is perfect for any kind of occasion.

ehsan said...



the worst makeup i've ever seen.

siapa tukang makeup nya ahh??

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