Saturday, December 29, 2007

The New Family

Zul's parents are on the left and in black are Dk. Insan's father and mother.

14 Simblings of the Bride

Dayangku Insan has 14 brothers and sisters and here photographed are all the girls with their new brother in law.

Three Ganza Ladies

About 14 or more 'presents' were prepared and taken to bride's residence on 'tradional gansas'.

Majlis Berbadak at Tungku

Mom gets her chance to bless her son and leads the queue of many lady guests. The function started after Friday prayers on December 28th.

Officially Engaged

Now his wife, Dk.Insan kisses his husband's hand after being present throughout the entire 'Khutbah Nikah'.

Witness Signs On Behalf

Zul relaxes and smiles as the main event is more or less through as Ak.'Jumat' (in black) now brother in law looks on.

Zul & Insan's Nikah

The Nikah Ceremony was followed by Berian on December 21 2007 at the Bride's home in Kampong Perpindahan Rimba. Imam Pg.Hj.Mukti was present to officiate the event.