Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dk Diana receives 'Hantaran' from Danish.

Victoria Secret handbag and lotion compilation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faezah weds @ ICC

Wedding at Granddad's

May 5th 2008

Dina Majid gets married

TURSHINA Wedding @ Bintulu Sarawak

Abang Kudus, first cousin to children of Hj.Md.Zamzam invited a Brunei contingent of 14 family members to come to the wedding.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This is the moment

Elmie lead with the cake knife as bride Betty ensures all three tiers are ceremonially sliced and shared with guests and friends.

First Portrait

Elmie and Betty pose for the first time on their Wedding Day on February 3 2008.

With The Guys

The Lads behind the scene have been quite instrumental in getting things done on time and in the right place especially for the newly weds.

Majlis Berbadak

Betty is wearing a blueish / turqoise dress attired with gold accessories of customary requirements and a red veil covering her head as she is escorted to the Pelamin.

With This Ring

Betty and Elmie are finally betroved as Betty's Aunt, as her wedding chaperone and 'Pengangun' looks on.

Getting Ready To Go

Close friends and neighbors grab a photo chance before Betty is taken into a realm of happy marriage.

"Eye Love You" Lashes

Betty is prepared for her big day Akad Nikah & Berian on February 1 2008 at her house in Kampong Rimba, where family and friends await the special occasion.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lalu Lalu

Make way for the Bride & Groom ! Zul & Insan are flanked by a "Pengapit" each standing guard and fanning the newly weds as guests remaining look on.

Pusing Naga

Customary for the groom's front entourage to encircle the font of the bride's house three times for good luck.

Golden Opportunity

If you're touring Brunei Darussalam, and a friend invites to a Berbedak event, come along and experience the decorating of the open hands with seven and sometimes nine colors made of paste and other natural ingredients.

Majlis Berbedak

"Berhimpus" is a tradition where the bride is carried out from her bedroom to be blessed and decorated on the Majlis Berbedak event, then brought back in the same manner as practiced widely amongst the "Pengiran-pengiran" or loyal clans of royal descent.